Mindful Eating

Now that the Holidays are over, it’s time to take stock of where we are and how we want to be in this New Year. My New Year’s resolution is to ALWAYS practice ‘mindful eating’. One of the best ways to reduce stress and help the body get into that lovely ‘rest and digest’ phase […]


Fresh foods reduce toxins in our blood.

A recent study has shown that by eating fresh foods we can dramatically reduce the levels of BPA and DEHP in our bodies. These two plastics are known to disrupt hormones leading to developmental problems, reproductive problems, cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. They are also common ingredients in food packaging and containers. By […]


Anxiety and that feeling in the pit of your stomach

What does anxiety and depression have to do with your guts, your gut bacteria in particular? Well, a whole lot it turns out. Apparently, the pro-biotic bacteria in your digestive tract profoundly affects your ‘gut/brain axis’. John Cryan at the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Center at University College Cork, Ireland has done a study using 16 healthy […]