Pure Drinking Water

Multi-Pure Drinking Water System

A source for clean and chemical free water is essential these days. While it is an amazing thing that our city water systems can deliver us with water that is free of disease causing bacteria, the chemicals that must be added to accomplish this are toxic to life (which is why they are put there and how they work). Drinking water dosed with chloramine which is one of the most common compounds used these days, is not a recipe for health when taken in over one’s lifetime. And it is certainly problematic if one is already seriously ill.

Multi-pure Water Filters are one of the few companies whose water filters are capable of filtering out chloramine. They are also capable of filtering a whole host of other compounds as well. They are extremely well made, and also reasonably priced. Check out the Aqua Dome for the most cost efficient water solution.

I have personally used a Multi-pure filter for over 20 years and am so impressed with them that WPA is now an independent distributor. To learn more or to purchase a water filter, please follow this link to their website: http://www.multipure.com/online_order.htm

When you check out, you will need a distributor ID. Please use Distributor ID: 426994


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