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Devin Babat L.Ac.

Massage Therapist

Devin comes to acupuncture from a decade-long career in therapeutic bodywork and injury management. Before studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), she specialized in deep tissue Swedish massage, musculoskeletal alignment, and trigger point therapy. In 2013, Devin decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Science and traditional asian medicine from Five Branches University in San Jose, California. She had a successful private practice at a Chiropractic clinic in Los Altos where she treated many issues and ailments.

Devin has expanded her ability to aid her patients in healing through studying advanced orthopedic techniques and distal needling. She has taken many courses from Brad Whisenant and Chris Volesky in Master Tung points and advanced pulse reading. Her knowledge of western anatomy and extensive experience working with the body enhances her acupuncture treatments, allowing her to address the root of her patients’ pain through a seamless combination of Eastern and Western approaches.

Devin also has had special training in gynecology and fertility; as a student she was invited to intern at the Reproductive Science Center in San Ramon and spent 1 year under the mentorship of Dr Judith Tognetti. She was a provider with integrative fertility group, providing acupuncture for patients undergoing IVF and other Assisted reproductive technologies all over the bay area. She has worked with Pacific Fertility Center, Laurel Fertility care center, and Spring fertility center. She has helped many couples conceive and bring happy healthy babies into the world. She also has personal experience with high risk pregnancy, helping her own partner and twins survive and thrive through a difficult pregnancy. Her experience in gynecology has helped her treat many women’s health issues over the years, and helped many transition through the many stages of life.

Devin utilizes her knowledge of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and bodywork to provide the best care for your condition. She’s able to treat a wide variety of issues; such as, musculoskeletal pain or trauma, abdominal pain/cramps, insomnia, allergies, symptoms of menopause, anxiety/depression, hypertension, stress, and infertility to name a few.

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