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Zev Alpert L.A.c. MAcOM


As a teenager and young adult, I spent countless hours volunteering and working professionally with vulnerable popula9ons. These included children with developmental difficulties, senior citizens, and people who were transferring from psychiatric housing to living independently. I had my heart set on becoming a social worker as I thought that was the best way to continue helping people who were less spoken for. I pursued that path for many years and as part of that process, I earned an associate’s degree in Human Services.

It was during those years in college that I became slightly obsessed with martial arts as a hobby that helped me stay fit and got me out of my head after a long day of studying. I trained hard most days of the week, always pushing my physical limits.

Unfortunately, this routine landed me with a serious back injury that caused immense pain and diminished ability to walk. Physical therapy offered minimal results. I tried acupuncture as a last resort before surgery and the results were tremendous. It was under the influence of a great acupuncture treatment that I had a life-changing realization; I have no idea how my body works! This was true despite being very serious about fitness. This began my fascination with human anatomy and physiology as well as Chinese and Japanese culture.

I first graduated from Chinese Medicine school in 2015. After studying Classical Chinese Medicine for 4 years at the East-West School of Chinese Medicine in Israel, I felt that I was not ready to treat patients. I wanted a more in-depth approach to medicine and extended clinical hours. I was accepted to the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine master’s program and graduated in August 2019.

Over the past 7 years, I have worked in a variety of clinical settings from small clinics to hospital care. These treatment centers focused on trauma,  chronic pain, and senior care. I also have experience treating people experiencing anxiety and insomnia. It would be my pleasure to help provide you with relief and guide you towards your optimal health and well being.

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