Affordable Pricing

Our Affordable Care Plan

Let’s face it, good health is priceless, how can one possibly pay enough to achieve it?  At the same time, we have finite funds available to pay for health care.  This presents the interesting challenge of creating a fee structure that is affordable for you, yet sufficient to support the practitioner. Thus, we have created Affordable Care Plan listed below.

The prices below will vary based on individual treatment plan, duration, and specific needs.

Costs of care will be in accordance with affordability for each individual. We want you to be able to come as frequently as needed to get well and STAY well.


Community Acupuncture

Initial Visit: $50 - $120
Return Visit: $25 - $70


Nutrition Counseling

Initial Visit: $60 - $120
Return Visit: $50 - $100

Hand holding leaves

Herbal Consultation

Initial & Return Visit: $50 - $100

* Cost of the herbal formula is in addition to the consultation fee and depends on the type and amounts of herbs recommended

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