Pain getting you down?

 Arthritis? Injury? Headache? Menses?

Acupuncture can help...

We promise we won’t break your bank so you can come in as frequently as needed to get well and STAY well.

How we help

Injury while exercising


Gentle Japanese acupuncture techniques bring blood flow to the injured or painful area. With your healthy blood flow come oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and immune factors to initiate your natural healing processes. Your pain should decrease significantly or be gone completely during the treatment and for some time afterward. Each treatment will build on the one before until you are recovered.

East Asian Herbal Medicine

When pain or injury is very severe, (broken bone, herniated disc, neuropathy, migraine, you may need the help of an East Asian Herbal Formula individualized to your particular situation so that you can be more comfortable between treatments, sleep better or through the night, and heal more quickly.

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