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Jason Sandys

Jason Sandys, L.Ac.

Acupuncture Practitioner

I love Traditional East Asian Medicine for its amazing ability to address almost any condition and its close connection to the natural world. I enjoy treating a wide variety of issues with a gentle approach to needling.

It took me some years to find this path as I always disliked needles. It was the one-time watching movies that I had to cover my eyes! I then spent a couple of years in China, teaching English, traveling and cooking. I finally received acupuncture and was amazed that these weren’t the needles I was accustomed to. All during this time my father was going through chemo and radiation treatments for lymphoma. I knew there had to be alternatives to this and in Traditional East Asian Medicine I found it.

I have resonated with community style acupuncture as an affordable model of health care for everyone, which I enjoy using myself.

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