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Lindsey Dority LAc, MAc

Lindsey has had an interest in health and wellness since 2nd grade when her class delved into a long study of nutrition. She remembers being drawn to the concept that food helps heal the body. Although mostly healthy in her 20’s, Lindsey realized Western medicine wasn’t treating underlying issues but was only treating symptoms. Similar …

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Beth Griffing, LAc, MAcOM

As a child Beth was drawn to herbalism and massage, treating her family during week-long backpacking trips with yarrow poultices and chamomile-oil calf rubs. Then as an undergrad anthro major at Reed College, she experienced the remarkable physical and mental benefits of Taiji Chuan, leading to an interest in East Asian medical thought. Following this …

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Allyndreth Stead, MAcOM, L.Ac.

I come from a family of nurses, starting with my grandmother who ran away from home at 16 to study nursing at San Francisco General Hospital in 1903. This started a family tradition in health care and both my aunt & mother become nurses in the 1930’s. My own path started with an 18-year career …

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Jason Sandys

I love Traditional East Asian Medicine for its amazing ability to address almost any condition and its close connection to the natural world. I enjoy treating a wide variety of issues with a gentle approach to needling. It took me some years to find this path as I always disliked needles. It was the one-time …

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