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Stephanie Harrington

Holistic Nutritionist

My path to where I am today is not linear. From a young age I was infatuated with the mind-body connection, the power of food as medicine and natural medicine. Not the normal interests of a teenager, especially living in a small New England town. My curiosity on how to elicit behavioral change led me to receive my undergrad degree in clinical psychology with a focus on health psychology.

In my twenties my love of ‘health’ manifested into trialing too many fad diets that were either over restrictive, had little merit, or did not work for my individual needs. The combination of chronic dieting, stress and overexercising wreaked havoc on my hormonal balance and gut health. The tip of the iceberg manifested as an excruciating joint pain. After months of countless doctor visits, trialing ‘healthy’ diet hacks and a dismissal from physical therapy I was left with little improvement and told that I would have to live with chronic pain for the rest of my life. I was not willing to accept this diagnosis.

Throughout the next couple of years of my healing journey, I discovered a truly integrative approach including a mixture of TCM and Western research based nutrition, acupuncture, gentle movement, stress management, and healing my relationship with food and my body. After years of my own trial and errors, I wanted to understand the science behind therapeutic diet and lifestyle protocols so that I could guide others as a tool in their healing journey. This led me to pursue my master’s degree in nutrition.

I believe health is individualized which means there is no ‘one diet fits all.’ I am passionate about utilizing nutrition science as a tool, but I firmly believe that to create sustainable health changes we need to acknowledge your relationship with food and how it plays a role in your life. Moderate shifts in mindset, nutrition and lifestyle habits are powerful tools in moving towards optimal wellness. We will explore how to achieve adequate sleep, movement, and reduce external and internal stressors. I believe in the body’s innate wisdom to heal; we just need to learn how to tune in.

Some of my special interests include autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal conditions and disease, hormonal balance, cancer care support, and stress management

My hobbies outside of work include hiking, yoga, and exploring the beautiful PNW

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